Greece Journal is a travel blog dedicated to Greece. It focusses on travel blogs, travel stories, news, tips, book reviews and a lot more. This website is run by Frederiek Lommen, a journalist, writer and travelblogger from the Netherlands.

How travelblogging on Greece started

In 1988 Frederiek travelled to Greece for the first time. On that trip, she went by train from the Netherlands. She crossed former Yugoslavia and eventually arrived in the northern city of Thessaloniki. It was love at first sight. In 2008 she started blogging about Greece on her website Ander Griekenland. This website exists till this very day.

Books and articles about Greece

Her blogs led to numerous articles in magazines and newspapers. After a few years – in 2011 – she presented her first book, Druiven en droesem, een reis langs Griekse wijngaarden. It’s is a travelogue about Greek wines. For the book, Frederiek travelled through the country, in search of grapes, wines and wineries. She interviewed famous winemakers, visited wine fairs and tasted hundreds of wines.

In 2019 her passion for Greece led to the publication of a second book: Mooi marmer en slapende meisjes – dwars door Athene. This book is a guide about Athens. It contains interesting stories, especially about less known corners and unexpected sites. Beautiful photographs are added to the travel stories.

Frederiek’s thorough research and numerous travels over the years led also to the publication of Het verdriet van Griekenland in 2020. If you want to learn more about Greek society, this book can be considered a must read. It focusses on the causes and impact of the financial crisis between 2009 and 2019. But it also deals with other aspects like forest fires, the role of the church and the struggle of the country with refugees. Also, with international themes like Greece’s connection with Europe and the relationship with Turkey.

2023: the start of Greece Journal

In the summer of 2023, Frederiek started with a new project: Greece Journal. This website in the English language is a way to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with an international audience. Here, the journalist and Greek specialist shares her blogs, stories, experiences, tips for your next trip and many photographs. Greece Journal is dedicated to the country she has loved for more than thirty years now.

As can be seen, Frederiek has an eye for hidden gems and lesser known corners. She prefers to travel off-the-beaten-track. However, that doesn’t mean you will not find stories about world wide known sides. She definitely also writes about the Acropolis and Santorini., but with a unique and original twist.

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